Depending on your requirements we have different models to suit your needs.


  • Project Size
  • Engagement Type
  • Requirements
  • Team Size
  • Project Management

Team Augmentation

  • Small - Large
  • One-off / Ongoing
  • Flexible/Refined with us
  • 1+
  • You or/and Us

In-House Project

  • Small - Large
  • One-off*
  • Defined/Refined with us
  • 3+
  • You or/and Us

Project Advisory

  • Any
  • One-off / Ongoing
  • Flexible
  •  1+
  •  You

Partner Delivery

  • Medium - Large
  • One-off*
  • Refined with Us
  • 4+ 
  • You and Us 

*Support agreements available

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We don't bite or walk around with string to attach.


Elysian2 is our trading company - we are based in Australia and have people based in Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney, and extended team members and partners across Australia.

At Elysian2 we do traditional Partner-led implementation projects, but we like to mix things up a bit and share the Dream Team love around. Unlike most systems integrators and partners, we don't treat our team as commodities - we want them to be able to work on a variety of projects and engagements, whether managed by Elysian2 or not.

We are a Microsoft Partner & Odoo Partner.

We don't believe in the "bums on seats" approach, and we are not a recruitment agency.

Existing groups work well together, they contribute more quickly, and they are more likely to shake things up (in a good way).

We're better together!

However, depending on the engagement type and duration we may be able to assist and provide only one resource - happy to discuss your requirements.

We have team members in Brisbane, Newcastle and Sydney, and extended members and partners based all over Australia.

Our standard hourly ad-hoc rate is $240 p/hr (AUD) per resource (min. 8hrs per day), but don't let that put you off!

We offer very generous discount rates depending on the type and length of the engagement.

We also offer discounts to charitable organisations.

No, we are not cheap - you get what you pay for and not just in dollars - we're worth it, we promise!

We have helped our clients cut the cost of their development even though our predecessors were cheaper. How? Well put it this way, if one of our superstar developers takes half the time to do something vs the cheaper resource, then comparatively we are half the price! Also, quality matters! It reduces cycle times, bugs and rework.

Let's set the scene - you get an opportunity, send in the A-Team and give it everything to win that project. The presales process is a long journey of meetings, documentation and demos akin to a Peter Jackson trilogy. The prospect takes their time doing their due diligence or something like covid-19 hits, and by the time they're ready to sign on the dotted line and kick off, your A-Team is on another project, your bench is empty, and all the good contractors are unavailable. What now?

We get it! We won't judge you.

We can either deliver a project on your behalf augmenting your available resources, or simply augment your team on larger projects. We will never attempt to solicit or keep your client, and won't lay a claim on your licensing revenue.

We do prefer a minimum of 3 resources from our side - there are a number of good reasons for this, suffice it to say, it's better all round - for our team, your team and importantly your client and project success.

We understand there are nuances and every project is different, so we are open to discussion and negotiation to work out something that will work for you as long as we're not asked to compromise our values, integrity or team-ethos.   

In both models project delivery uses a milestones & deliverables approach. We work with you through the discovery phase to establish project specifications, clearly define the scope, and agree with you on the timeline and deliverables to achieve key project milestones. 

The difference is that engagement as a Microsoft/Odoo partner tends to go through a protracted presales process and is generally preferred for larger projects where the risk is shared. You are generally also restricted to the resources available and provided by the Partner. The costs of this kind of approach can also be higher as a partner needs to ensure their risks are covered and that they recover the costs of sales and presales.

With an In-House model, with the Dream Team, the quality of the resources are of course the same, however the team are a fully integrated extension of your team - it may sound odd, but it can make a difference to the culture and perceptions within your organisation. Since you are not contracted to us as a delivery partner, you are free to supplement and resource your team as you see fit.

In both cases, it is a collective endeavour - it just comes down to organisational preference. We have seen successes with both models. Sometimes an organisation will start with a Vendor/Partner delivery model, but switch to in-house if it isn't working out.

Access the people you need without the usual recruitment headaches. There are no permanent costs, no need for sick leave, holiday leave, superannuation, or payroll tax - we take care of all of that. 

An augmented functional staff member typically works on-site or remotely as part of the organisation’s team. We are responsible for providing qualified, professional talent, and the organisation is responsible for managing that talent. With Project Delivery, we are responsible for managing the talent and normally provide a Project Manager.        

The first step is an introduction call with one of our team to learn more about your requirements and introduce ourselves - from there we can suggest next steps. 

To a point, yes - once engagement is confirmed and signed off, we guarantee we will not bait and switch resources. Of course, we have projects and engagements we are working on, so there may be a lead time to secure your chosen team members.