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In-House Project Delivery

When you need specific expertise and experience, finding the right people can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be.

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In-House Project Delivery

It’s no secret that many ERP’s fail to live up to expectations, but too often that disappointment can be traced directly back to a poor ERP implementation. One reason is that many organizations simply do not have the array of experience, skills and competencies an ERP implementation requires to succeed.

That’s why many organisations turn to ERP consulting partners to deliver the project on their behalf. Still, much of the expertise required for a successful ERP implementation can be just as difficult to find in ERP consulting firms!

A growing number of organisations take an in-house delivery approach to ERP implementation - either because they have in-house leaders that have been there and seen it and have capabilities within the organisation they can leverage, or they've tried the ERP Partner route and it hasn't worked out.

With the right people, the in-house project delivery model can be very successful and more cost-effective than engaging a Partner.

The reality is, however, that unless you are an ERP implementation company yourself, you are unlikely to have all the capabilities and capacity internally - this is where augmenting your team with the Dream Team will help.

Team Augmentation

Team augmentation is an effective way of bridging a skills gap and bringing many projects to fruition. While many companies are successfully using it to their advantage, others are still relying on local talent pools which is closely associated with a long time to hire and high costs. 

Use team/staff augmentation as a way to work with contracted experts to add to your existing team. These experts typically come battle-hardened and can help your team execute quickly on their goals.

The Dream Team  lets you select from a pool of highly experienced consultants to help you  accelerate  your project outcomes and success.

In-house Delivery vs Team augmentation - what's the difference?
Our In-House Delivery and Team Augmentation engagement models are very similar.

With In-House Delivery we will provide a Project Manager and assist with all the requirements gathering and definitions - generally the Dream Team is on the project from day 1.

With Team Augmentation, you may have already sourced a PM and be part of the way through your project, and simply need to boost with additional skills and capabilities; or perhaps you only require a specific set of skills for a period of time.

Hiring individual contractors is cheaper...or is it?
IT professionals are constantly in demand because the talent pool of experienced consultants is limited in most geographies - Australia is no exception. In a fast-paced and demanding IT industry, your team might find itself struggling to secure the expertise necessary to bring an important project over the line.

Whilst it may appear to be more cost effective to hire an individual contractor, what if you need more than one? As the old adage goes, time is money.  A typical recruitment process takes up to 42 days and is often backed by a recruitment agency with up to 20% commission. 
With the Dream Team, you will be able to hire a ready made team, all in one go.

Hiring a Team is better than a set of individuals

Let's also not overlook the value of a team of people that have worked together, know and trust each other.

Creating trust and synergy is time consuming, expensive and lot of effort. The risk of one individual dropping off is also high where a good team culture is not present.  With the Dream Team you know you have people who share common values and have a common goal. 

How are Dream Team Members selected?

All Dream Team members understand and support the company’s core values and high-performance team culture. We identify people who will commit to solving clients’ problems creatively and tenaciously, and that work well together. All Dream Team members are internal referrals and recommendations.

Using an established team will also help with post-go live support, by maintaining a relationship with your dream team consultants on a support contract without the commitment and cost of a full-time employed resource.

Our Engagement Models

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