Can Team Augmentation Help Partners ?

When you need specific expertise and experience, finding the right people can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be.

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The Challenge - Supply and Demand

Demand for IT professionals is increasing along with demand for Digital Transformation initiatives and upgrades. At the same time the supply of candidates is not growing fast enough in order to cover the needs.

Team augmentation is an outsourcing strategy providing a way to work with contracted experts to supplement your existing team. You might be struggling to secure the expertise necessary to bring an important project over the line or to even start it.

Team augmentation has been popular in the software development space for years, and the available talent pool for experienced D365 consultants has shrunk to it's lowest level in a very long time - so why aren't more Partners thinking of Team Augmentation to help them deliver successful projects?

The Dream Team lets you select from a pool of highly experienced consultants to help you accelerate your project outcomes and success.

Is it cost-effective?

While many companies are successfully using Team Augmentation to their advantage, many Microsoft Partners are still relying on local talent pools, which is closely associated with a long time to hire and high costs, and are reluctant to explore alternative ways that can help accelerate their project kickoff and/or improve quality.

With the Dream Team, you’re getting highly experienced and skilled consultants to help either deliver on your behalf or to augment your existing and available team.

Whilst it may appear to be more cost effective to hire an individual contractor, what if you need more than one? As the old adage goes, time is money.  A typical recruitment process takes up to 42 days and is often backed by a recruitment agency with up to 20% commission. 

Alternatively you wait for a consultant to become available from your existing talent, and utilise them regardless of their experience or industry knowledge. What could that cost in terms of risk to the project, your client and your reputation?

With the Dream Team, you can select team members with specific industry, skills or module experience, ensuring you have the right people for the project, first time - to help deliver a success project. There is nothing more profitable than a good reputation!

Hiring a Team is better than a set of individuals

Let's also not overlook the value of hiring a set of people that have worked together, know and trust each other.

Creating trust and synergy is time consuming, expensive and lot of effort. The risk of one individual dropping off is also high where a good team culture is not present.  With the Dream Team you know you have people who share common values and have a common goal. 

How are Dream Team Members selected?

All Dream Team members understand and support the company’s core values and high-performance team culture. We identify people who will commit to solving clients’ problems creatively and tenaciously, and that work well together. All Dream Team members are internal referrals and recommendations.

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