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What is the Dream Team?

What we can do, for you

Digital Transformation & Project Delivery

We help companies of all sizes to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Whether it's a proof of concept or a full ERP project, we have the people to make that happen.

D365 F&SCM Consulting & Development

As well as fantastic functional consultants, we have solid experience in development and customisation of Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM, from small customisations to custom module solutions, we have you covered.

Odoo Proof of Concept & Implementation

Not sure if Odoo is going to be a fit for you? Let us work with you to define your requirements and prototype it for you. So you love it and want to implement it with a local team? We know just the people!

Advisory & Strategy

Whether you need help to uncover your vision and strategy, a second opinion, an independent on your steer co or someone knowledgeable on your system of choice to be on your side and help keep "the vendor honest", we've got you.

Team Augmentation

Whether you are a Partner with a large project coming down the pipeline and struggling to fulfil your resourcing needs, or you've decided to go for it in-house, hiring individuals is time consuming and costly! Building a collaborative, dynamic team requires individuals who each offer a blend of complementary character traits and skills that leverage each other’s strengths and weaknesses. With the Dream Team, you get that and more!

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